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Watermelon Cake

The watermelon cake is great for our son because it is not a traditional high carb Birthday cake. Though the watermelon itself is a fruit with natural sugars, it is far better than a traditional cake. A watermelon is also a great way to cool off for summer time events.  Don’t tell anybody what’s inside and you’ll  be sure to surprise them!




2 cans coconut milk  (you can also use whipping cream, *cream cheese, *butter for the icing base, I also recommend using coconut milk that has no gums added such as xanthan, carageenan or guar so you can separate the water)
1 small watermelon
Honey or your sweetener of choice
Your favorite fruits
Almonds or your favorite nuts

*Butter and cream cheese do make a harder icing which will be tasty but easily peel off of your watermelon.

Step 1:  If you plan to use coconut milk you will need to prepare ahead of time and do this step the day before you plan to prepare your watermelon cake.
Do not shake the can and open it now and pour off whatever water you can.  We will not need the water later, so discard or use for something else at your will.  Scrape it to the top of the can/bowl, etc, and leave it to sit in the fridge to allow the extra water to separate out to the bottom of your bowl or can.  Skipping this step will mean a very runny icing, while still tasty, will make a mess of your cake.   If you plan to use butter or cream cheese remove it from the fridge to allow it to warm up to room temperature.

Step 2:  Take your water melon and remove the flower and stem ends.
Take a long skinny knife, the skinnier the better and cut out a cylinder of watermelon.   Put this in the fridge, I recommend over a piece of paper towel or a colander over a plate to catch the liquid and keep your watermelon bottom dry.   This watermelon I cut the cylinder crossways and had two shorter cakes.









Step 3:  While your watermelon cools, take your preferred icing base and put in a bowl.  Add sweetener to taste.  I used honey, approx 3 tablespoons, and whip it super fluffy!   Do not use too much sweetening or it will undermine sweetness of your watermelon and fruits and they will not taste very good with the icing.   I also tried adding peanut butter to the butter icing once and I thought it was delicious, but had mixed reviews on it.  Dad thought it was delicious but didn’t belong on a watermelon.

Step 4:  Pat dry the watermelon with paper towl and spread the icing on the cake.  This is where it is important to have a cooled watermelon or your icing will not stick well.  The picture below is with coconut milk icing and you can see how my not so cool wet watermelon had the icing sliding down the cake.   We tried later with a dry cool watermelon and had much better results.










Step 5:
Add fruit, nuts, etc as you desire.
Keep your watermelon cake refrigerated or your icing will slide off.
Keep your mouth shut and don’t tell anybody what it’s made of.
Serve!!  And watch everybody’s mouth drop when they see the inside of this cake!

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