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Creamless (dairy free) Creamed Spinach with Pork Cutlets

So, it’s early summer and the spinach is growing like weeds!  What the heck do we do with it all!
While my kids seem to like picking it and eating it right there (and I’m not stopping them!), it’s not really my cup of tea (er… cup of spinach?).
I found creamed spinach to be a popular spinach recipe online.  I have never tried it.  But it looks quite simple.  But, how to make it dairy free?   You got it! Coconut cream!

To replace cream I have found that canned coconut milk works great for most other things, so I decided to give it a whirl again!
Watch the ingredients because some brands will have thickeners in them, which I have found to cause a skin on top of your foods and leave a nasty aftertaste.

I also had some pork cutlets in the freezer which I found to be excessively lean and not to my liking and were like eating compressed sawdust.  They needed a good shot of food lube.  What better to lube them up than a nice big dose of coconut milk and fat!  Of course, this recipe is great by itself, or with any other meats, so go ahead and try it out on anything.

Creamless Creamed Spinach with Pork Cutlets

2               pork cutlets1lb           young spinach leaves
2 tbsp     parmesan  (can easily omit if you don’t do cheese)
1/2 can  sliced olives (also omit if you don’t like olives)
1/2 cup  shortening  (I used 1/4 cup butter and 1/4 cup bacon grease)
1 tbsp     olive oil
1/2 cup  coconut milk (canned)

Grill or fry pork with spice of choice.
At the same time, fry remaining ingredients, except spinach until coconut milk starts to thicken.
Add spinach and stir, frying/simmering until it has cooked, become soft and reduced in size.
Do not fry for too long at this point or the spinach will start to release water and make it runny.
Put mix on top of pork cutlets.


THE SON – actually ate meat! and asked for seconds
THE MOM – “Wow! That’s good”!
THE BRO – “It’s not terrible.”  (this was after he had commented that it appeared it had already been eaten once)
COWORKER1 – Looked at it. “Not a chance in hell!”  *yuckiest “yuck” face I have ever seen*

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