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Refreshing “Crap Free” Almond Milk Recipe

Making homemade almond milk without the extra crap from the store bought almond milk is easier than I ever thought it could be. This almond milk recipe is free of thickeners and preservatives.

I discovered unsweetened almond milk a couple years ago and it was delicious!!  Especially the vanilla flavor.  At first I tried Almond Breeze, then Silk, and then my favorite, Almond Fresh.  After trying Almond Fresh I could not go back to the slime of the other brands.  They all have horrendous amounts of thickening agents in them, and leave a slime in my mouth, but Silk is the worst!  Almond Fresh is my preferred brand.  Then, I read somewhere that you can make your own almond milk in the food processor in 3 steps.

1. Soak almonds
2. Throw them in the food processor.
3. Strain

Here’s my Almond Milk Recipe expanded into lots of not quite as simple steps for you:

2 cups almonds (I used sliced blanched)
3 cups water (this is not specific but I used my 4-cup measuring cup so it fits perfectly)
6 cups water (or to taste, this makes 8 cups of almond milk and has a nice light mouth feel)


  1. Put almonds and 3 cups water into container.  Soak for 24 hours.
  2. Blend in food processor for approx 10 minutes.
    The longer the better and more creamer milk you will have.  Also will make your almond pulp finer for your favorite recipes.
    Almond Milk Recipe First stage of blending the almonds in the food processor.
  3. Strain.
    I found a strainer lined with paper towel works best.  A coffee filter probably works well too, but since I do not drink that brown bitter nasty compost juice, I didn’t have one around.  A cheese cloth had too big of holes and trapped too much of the almond pulp.  So if you don’t want to keep it, then go ahead and use a cheese cloth.Stop at this step here and let it drip through the strainer for a long time if you want to use it for coffee or tea creamer.
    A strainer lined with paper towel placed over a bowl.
  4. Put pulp back into food processor, add the 6 cups of water and blend for another 5 minutes or so.
  5. Strain again.  Let it drip for a long time to get all the almondy goodness.  Be careful squeezing the papertowel/filter or it will pop and all your straining will be for naught. Trust me! I know!
  6. Put in jug and voila!  Almond milk.

Well, now you’re left with a blob of goop.
Mine was bright white like cheese curds because I used blanched almonds.  Don’t throw this away! It can be used for scads of delicious things.  Almond biscuits, cakes, cookies, but the most surprising was the discovery that with added butter it tastes and has the texture almost like ricotta cheese!   And maybe even better because it didn’t leave me with the nasty cheese breath that cheese is famous for.

Almond pulp is left over when done straining the almond milk. Last phase of almond milk recipe.

How to serve:

In a cup all by itself!  It also makes delicious smoothies and hot chocolate and egg nog.
I recommend to swish it before pouring each time to keep the fine sediment from accumulating at the bottom. (which happened with all the store bought as well, but it was sediment encased in thickener slime).   Lasts approx 2 weeks in my fridge before it starts smelling funny.

What doesn’t work:
Vanilla extract.  It has a nasty alcohol flavor, which I imagine could be taken care of by boiling the  milk.  I plan to try vanilla beans blended in the food processor with the almonds and will update when I finally get a hold of some of them in my tiny little town somewhere.  Time to order online I think.

Family and Friend Reviews: 
The son:  *asks for it all the time but doesn’t like it, but he didn’t care much for any non-milk milks.
The daughter: *same as the son, but loves the store bought almond milk
Hubby:  *won’t touch any of that nasty fake junk anyways

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  • Kevin August 12, 2013, 2:43 am

    What would be the best way to sweeten it, besides regular sugar?

    • NogginFood August 12, 2013, 8:25 am

      Any sweetener would work. Most people have a favorite sweetener that they have found they like the taste of or their body can handle. I have not found any sweetener that agrees with me, so choose to use none and have found that I don’t require any sweetener anymore.

      • Michelle June 4, 2015, 9:22 pm

        I tried make my own Almond Milk with coconut water as the substitute of Plain Water, and it is naturally sweet without any additional of Sugar. At first i was quite shock that the Almond Pulp come out soft, white and not crumbly like mostly i saw on web. Yes i did mix the almond pulp in my Green Smoothie. Too bad i didn’t manage to document the process of making Almond Milk, but i have my own blog, you can visit Well, i am trying to be eat clean, at least (not vegan tho) and still learning to eat more natural food compare to those food with a lot of artificial colouring, preservation, MSG, etc. God Bless You.