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Creamless (dairy free) Creamed Spinach with Pork Cutlets

So, it's early summer and the spinach is growing like weeds!  What the heck do we do with […] Read More

Happy Birthday watermelon cake

Watermelon Cake

The watermelon cake is great for our son because it is not a traditional high carb Birthday cake. […] Read More

Homemade almond milk recipe step by step guide.

Refreshing “Crap Free” Almond Milk Recipe

Making homemade almond milk without the extra crap from the store bought almond milk is easier than I […] Read More

Gluten Free Bread Recipe to make your own low carb bread. Looks like wheat bread.

Low Carb Bread Recipe

My version of the Low Carb Bread recipe inspired by Tom Naughton's "Too Good Almost Paleo Bread"   […] Read More